The gossip song

Psalm 7

What do you do when falsely accused, or when you hear that your friends have gossiped about you and slandered your reputation?

When that has happened to me, I usually get upset, angry and start building a case to protect myself next time I see them. I desperately want to clear my name. Still, I must confess that in many cases, I, have been a participator in similar ‘gossip parties” too.

I don’t know why, but it is so attractive to us to want to know juicy information about other peoples life. I mean, look at the tabloids, newspapers and most of magazines and tv programs, most of their content is just gossip and slander information.

We like information that makes us feel better about ourselves especially by putting others down.

“It is crazy to think that pulling someone else’s life apart can put ours together” 

Today’s psalm is, in fact, a song about gossip where we see clearly the effect that slander has in someone’s life. Words cut deeper than the blade and often times those wound never heal.

Gossip erodes and destroys every relationship where present, for it betrays trust and loyalty. Slander like an earthquake flattens and dismantles the very core of our beings.

The scripture says it very clear:

Words kill, words give life;
    they’re either poison or fruit—you choose.

Let choose our words wisely today my friends and if we are in a situation where gossip has being shared, change the conversation if you can or get out, run.

(see Proverbs 11:9,13, James 1:19-27)