Keeper of my heart

Psalm 10:17

keeper of my heart

Above all else, gourd your heart, says the scripture, because from the heart comes the life you live. The heart is the centre of our personal being.

But how can we gourd it? Have you ever tried to control your heart, the way you feel and act? I have, it worket for a while than everything went back to the state i started, even worse.

There is no amount of self- governing or self- keeping that can keep our hearts safe. How can we keep our minds away from vanity, our understanding from error and sin, and our will from perverseness and petulance? 

Its good to remind to ourselves daily that: God, through Jesus Christ, has given the believer a new heart, a heart that is inclined to seek and satisfy itself in him. It’s true that our nature can override the deeper desires of our heart but if we keep turning to God, if we keep filling our minds with his word, staying in his presence and following him to be our guide, we can be sure that our hearts are in the safest place they can be. 

 Here is palm 10 in verse 17 the writer is pulling out attention with  ’comfort their hearts’ with this idea that if our hearts are tuned to God he will settle them in time of trouble, he will dispel fear and anxiety with his peace and he will assure our hearts with his love and salvation.

It looks like when we seek God he gives us his full attention, he lend us his full hearing capacity and by his presence, he comforts us to peace.  

( see Proverb 4:23, Ezekiel 36:26, Hebrews 10:16