What’s the point?

Psalm 11:3-7

What is the point?

I often hear people who are not necessarily depressed or inclined to pessimism say ’what’s the point of this?’ What is the point of trying to be good, do good, bring good?

’I mean, the morality has gone, truth-telling has become dangerous, justice is no longer practised, and it seems that the foundations of society are shaken and plummeting quickly’ they argue. 

Is there any security for the faithful? Is there any meaning for the good and the righteous person to continue doing their best? 

What source of insurance and confidence we have to carry on even when we feel like nothing is happening? 

David tells us here three things to lean on in times when feeling like running away from all because it seems pointless. 

  • 1-God is in control and omnipresent ( we can’t run away anywhere where he is not). Jesus is praying and interceding for us to co-labour together in bringing good to the world. 
  • 2- God sees all, my problem, my insecurity, my fear, my circumstances and my trials. Whatever I go through, with him all will be worked out for good, yes even my pain. He is just and his justice will prevail eventually. 
  • 3- God is good all the time and the righteous ( those whom hearts are transformed by Christ love and sacrifice on the cross ) will see his face. 

We do what we do for the audience of One.

Assured by his love we can carry on doing his will and be certain that we will not be shaken by the results our bare eyes can see. 

(see Revelation1:17, Matthew 5:8, )