Advance Celebration

Psalm 13

We wake up daily bombarded with negative thoughts. 

Thoughts of worry that concern our families, health, career, singleness, finances and a sense of despair and loss. 

It’s difficult to not to worry and be troubled when all we see around us is ’impossibility.’ 

Staying in faith is not just believing God to do something for us, faith is celebrating and giving thanks to God in advance for what he is doing. 

You may feel that God is absent and hiding right now, that’s how you feel, but facts say something different.  Feelings are important and a gift from God to express the way we experience life, but the truth is even more significant than the way we feel. 

As believers we have a choice. We can torture ourselves thinking constantly on what’s wrong and problematic with our lives, or we can thank God and celebrate in advance for what he is doing already even though we can’t see it. 

Praise proceeds the victory. Celebration strengthens our hearts with faith and hope. Thanksgiving cultivates joy    

Worry drains, worship invigorates. 

Like David in today’s psalm let us redirect our feelings to Gods unfailing love, let us think about his amazing salvation and praise him for he has been and will be good to us. 

(see Mark 11:24, Isaiah 49:14-26, Isaiah 55: 8:10