There is no God

Psalm 14

God, Questions, Quest, Serching

People often tell me that;  believing in God is a primitive idea. They would insist that the educated, the knowledgable and smart people don’t believe in God. Religion, they tell me is for the ignorant, the weak and the emotionally unstable. 

But denying God is not a modern times idea my friend. People have rejected the idea of God’s existence for millennials. It is not a new clever theory and definitely not proven by science, biology and technology , we read it in today’s psalm written more than 3000 years ago the same argument. 

Believing in God is not a question of knowledge but a question of understanding. They are two different things. 

Knowledge has to do with ‘book knowledge, for example, talent in a special field etc. But understanding is about using knowledge, arguments, wisdom and reason to their best outcome. I have met many clever people who could solve a complex math problem in minutes but found difficult to handle their personal habits and lives.

If intellect was the reason, then people like Isaac Newton, Blaze Pascal, C. S. Lewis etc would have not been qualified to be great minds, for they were great Christians also.

Intellect does not equal unbelief, very much like ‘ignorance’ does not equal ‘belief.’

So, we can conclude that intelligence is not the factor. We have people from all the spectrum of cleverness that believe or refuse God. 

Refusing the existence of God happens in our hearts, in our secret thoughts. It is the decision we take to live according to our desires, passions and cravings rather than our responding and understanding. 

Why don’t you analyse it for yourself, my friend? What is the reason you say that ’there is no God?’ Check out the evidence on both sides ( for and against), look at the history ( Creation, prophesy and the personality of Jesus are part of history books) read books, ask questions and weight the findings. Don’t throw eternity in a game of luck, don’t sell your soul to your cravings. We often think that religion is controlling and restricting, but let us examine the ’fun activities’ we do and call ’freedom’ because I myself have found a lot of them to be also controlling and enslaving. 

Let see; What are we refusing when we refuse God? A life of meaning, joy, pure, good…? That’s what God offers. I understand that many places of worship have used their authority to suppress man and control him, but that is why we are required to have understanding and wisdom for ourselves. My dear friend study and research for yourself, look and find, observe and determine. Look at the person of Jesu, who he was, what he taught and what he did.

I am sure you will have a fresh look at the world, life and yourself after those findings.  

(see Isaiah 1:18 , Haggai 1:5-7, Romans 1:30-32