Turnaround God

Psalm 14:7 MSG

Turnaround God

I can’t count the times I get lost while driving and I had to turn around and ask for help in order to be at the location I need to be. I am not very good with direction and my sense of map reading is as familiar as lungs to a fish. 

My kids know this and insist we leave way early when I am driving them somewhere. They are tierd of me being late and turning up in birthday parties looking stressed and wornout.

A lot of times we are like that in life. We rush around and are so busy looking at obstacles in life, we think of the problems and get lost inside them.

We lose our sense of place and purpose and in despair look for answers.

We learn here in Psalm 14 verse 7 that God is into restoring, into turning situation around for good, into bringing us to a place of joy and fulfilment. He send Jesus to turnaround our lives from lost to find, from blind to vision, from despair to meaningful, from mourning into dancing. 

Right now you might be heading to a direction you don’t want to go or end up my friend, perhaps you might be lost and confused. Please know that it’s never too late to stop and ask God to manoeuvre you back in the right direction. Some of us might need more than a few motions to turnaround, let us be patient my friend, help is on the way. 

( see Luke 19:10, Zepheniah 3:9, Ezekiel 34:12

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