Deep Down the Pit

Help, Lift, God

Psalm 8:16

We can get ourselves in all sort of holes. Some of the holes might be shallow and manageable, but we know of ditches that are so deep and so wide that for us to come out we need help. 

It’s fair to mention here that some of the deep holes we find ourselves in, we are thrown into ( our painful childhood or upbringing, for example, are not our choosing ), some other voids we find ourselves in, we fall in (the choices we make and are not aware that are leading us into a ditch)

and the most dangerous ones are the dark holes we plunge in ( think here about stuff we know it’s wrong but we do it anyway).  

Whatever the reasons might be for us finding ourselves in the pit right now, the answer is: we can get out, let me say it again; We can get out! 

“He reached from on high, He took me; He drew me out of many waters.”


There is no pit so deep that his hand can’t reach us out. There is no void so wide that his heart can not locate us. Jesus jumped from heaven to earth to save us from the deepest pit, evil, death and sin have dug us in.

He is a freedom warrior. It doesn’t matter the depth of the pit you are in, whether it be depression, despair, divorce, death of a close friendship…. anything, please reach out to him. He will use people, good people, good counsellors who point to him as they walk with you through the dark days. He will speak through the Holy Spirit with tender love and wisdom so that we don’t find ourselves in a pit again. He is able to keep us from any falling. 

( see John 3:16 MSG, Jude 1:24, John 14:26)