Voiceless Beauty

Psalm 19:1-6

Nature calls and speaks to us about the artistry and the majesty of God.

It’s made to draw us to his presence, to captivate us with his grandeur and to display his goodness. That’s is why a beautiful sunset unravels us,  the gushing sound of a clear fountain refreshes us, the wildflowers in the meadows make us smile. There is an unexplained joy as we marvel at the myriad of stars and the vastness of the sea. 

They are all witnesses of his splendor. 

Nature displays and directs us to him, it does not displace God, but it helps us to see him in his greatness.

That’s why we should care about nature, we should appreciate all God’s creation, for we are the responsible stewards of it. 

Nature is good, God said so ( Genesis 1). 

God is the artist, we are the gardeners, and the world is the promenade. 

So, we love nature, we care for it, we tender for the trees and animals. We are kind to creation for it’s our responsibility.

Nature is not as it should be, it’s marred by us, the fallen human nature, but God redeems it through opening our eyes to see and do, and he will redeem and heal it fully. Until then, we continue to worship God, enjoy and look after nature. 

( see Romans 1:20, Proverbs 12:10, Genesis 2:15, Isaiah 35:1-2