Rest and Revive

Psalm 23:2

For us to be healthy, we must rest.

Our bodies, minds and hearts need to slow down and allow God to heal us. He has promised to bring rest to our whole being and to lead us to green pastures.
I am learning that sheep are very particular when it comes to rest.

They can only rest properly in places that are quiet, where there are no pests and flies to disturb them, in places where they can lie down and be assured of their safety.
They can be lead to such locations by the Shepherd only.

The same is true about our Shepard, who had dealt with all bumps and uneven places to our path so that we can rest in his green pastures.

His finished work on the cross has made a way for us to find that kind of rest and relish on it. He leads us, he stands by us and he guides our steps.

There is no need to worry about the many guilt fleas who want to occupy our minds and distract us or enemies who want our lives, for he is with us and he always will be. So we don’t worry, we rest, for he is in our tomorrows and far beyond our days can stretch, to eternity. He is leading and shepherding us to wholeness.

(See Genesis 28:15, Matthew 11:28, Jeremiah 31:25)