Victory in The valley

Psalm 23:4

There is no strength without struggle

There is no victory without valley.

Valley in the scriptures symbolises a place of struggle, trials and problems. We all have them. Ether we are in the valley right now, we are about to enter in one or we are coming out of a difficult valey.

We are not promised by our saviour a ‘valley free life’ what we are promised though is even more poweful- His presence in the valey.


And his presence means protection, wisdom, comfort, understanding, advice, discipline, empathy and company as we walk together through our valleys.

He reminds us that; we are not meant to stop and explore the valley, we are not meant to hang pictures and be comfortable with the valley, we are walking through the valley. And as we walk holding our Lord’s hand we are assured of his presence power and providanve with each step.

His presence is our biggest and best weapon.

(See Exodus 33:14, Jeremiah 29:13, Matthew 28:20)