Banquet in the Battlefield

Psalm 23:5

What battlefield are you in the middle of?
What battles are you fighting right now?
Financial battles, health wars, infertility trials, relationship battles, parenting conflicts?
What is eating your life now? What is wasting your strength and energy?

It looks like you need some rest, my friend, rest right there in the middle of the warfare stage.
Help is on the way! God is our help!

He comes right where we are, there, in the field of fighting and conflict with a table and great food to fellowship with us and to honour us in front of our opposition.
Yes, right there, right in the middle of the tough and intense battle that you might be battling right now, God comes with a celebration party.

God loves to throw a good party for his children. There all the delicatessen promises of God are served, well over 5000 of them.
In the battle, he comes to strengthen and encourage you.

Have you savoured and enjoyed a feast like that, my friend?
If you are feeling weak and unable to fight the battles you are facing, perhaps you are of need to feast and gain strength from the banquet served by the best host, God. Savour the word of God and know that the victory for every battle you are in is yours and the celebration is already in procession.

(See Job 36:16, Isaiah 25:6-9, Romans 8:37, 2 Corinthians 10:4-5 , Proverbs 22:4)