The Way to Learning

Psalm 25:9

The internet this week is filled with millions of posts saying ’I want to learn.’ 

We, the white people, are made aware of to the fact that we know very little when it comes to racism and what black people have to go through every day of their lives to make sure that they avoid unnecessary arrests, stops by the police and stigma related to their community.  

The problem is that information alone will not bring the change that is much needed, because in order for us to learn new things we first need to unlearn some faulty old ones. 

“He leads the humble in justice, And He teaches the humble His way.”

Psalms 25:9 AMP 

Let us admit it that we are opinionated people. We tend to think that we alone have the truth and everyone else is flawed. We stick to the same news sources, we watch the same tv channels, we follow the same flow of reports. We forget that that’s just one side of the whole story.  

We hang out with the same people who have the same notions about different subjects and think we are doing just fine. 

But, if we want real justice we need to be humble. 


Humility is not an easy virtue to come by. 

For it means for us to not be pretentious, or assuming, or thinking highly of ourselves. It’s a trait of someone who is patient yet strong, modest yet knowledgable, meek yet wise.

I know but one person like that- Jesus 

He said about himself that he is humble… nobody else in the history of humanity can claim to have said something like that and lived a humble life. 

He was always faultless, always just, forever loving, real and true and yes, humble. 

That’s why we if we want to learn real justice we need to learn to walk the humble way. Jesus has shown us that way. Jesus will show us the way.

If we go to him with the heart to unlearn that which is incorrect and inaccurate he will guide us to the right way and the truth. We ask him to open our eyes and ears and hearts so that the Spirit of God will lead us in his ways of learning and transformation.

He alone knows what we are lacking, he knows our blind spots and our hardened hearts and he can counsel where the change is needed. 

( See Mark 12:30-31, Proverbs 11:2, Proverbs 22:4, John 13:34-35)