What approval you are living for?

Psalm 26

If we live for people’s approval we will perish from their rejection. 


How then we can direct our craving for approval in a place that does not have those consequences? 

This is hard because we all crave the praise of men. We want to be acknowledged, respected and adored. From a young age we want to be with the ’right crowd’ we want to be cool and happy. 

So, we often, join a rhythm of life that demands us to be with people we don’t like, to spend money we don’t have, to go to parties that don’t suit to our character and listen to stuff we don’t want to be part of. 

I know that we all have experienced in our lives that pleasing people is overwhelming, tiring and disappointing, but we still fall for it.

We end up living a life of regret and guilt that will not go away. 

David, in today’s psalm is calling God to vindicate him. He looks neither to his friends not to his foe for recognition, God’s opinion is what he craves the most. 

He knows that although he has done many mistakes, in the eyes of God, he is blameless. What freedom to have ’blameless’ over our heads, and that comes only from wanting just one opinion on ourselves and our lives over everyone’s else, God’s.

God in his mercy, because of our Lord Jesus sacrifice has declared all who believe him, guilt-free. 

That is real freedom to live with!

Dear Lord, keep me from seeking to please people and let me be living for your approval only. 

( See Galatians 1:10, 1 Thessalonians 2:4, Acts 5:29)