Solid Ground

Psalm 26:12

Faith remembers that the answer to its prayer has already been granted, and rests on that ground assured. 


Because, there, on that very place, nothing can cause us to stumble. 

Life is full of doubt and fears and many paths we take are crooked and make us stumble. The grounds we often stand are sandy and come crumbling down under our feet. We need more than just a positive affirmation, we need grounds to stand that will hold the weight of any trouble and pain and keep us standing when everything around us crumbles. 

Our living hope must be built on a solid foundation.

The idea here is that we need a place to stand where our doubts are dispersed, where we feel secure and certain, where our trust is well established, and that nothing can move us from there. 

In the Bible, that place belongs to the children of God. If we call God ’Father’ we are standing on those solid, eternal grounds. David realises that truth and has nothing but praise and thanksgiving as an answer.

( See 2 Corinthians 6:18, John 1:12, Matthew 7:24-27)