Working in Waiting

Psalm 27:14

All my life has been about waiting. Waiting for that ’big moment’ to happen which would make me complete and happy.  

As a child, I thought that going to university will be establishing. when that didn’t happen I waited for the ’prince charming’ to come by and make my life complete. Becoming a mum was a must, so, I thought surely this will make me feel whole and happy.

All the above have been wonderful and have brought me much joy and a sense of accomplishment, but I was to busy waiting and looking out for the ‘big moment’ and failed many times to notice them to the full. 

Waiting for the next thing in life kept me looking for ’what might happen’ and prevented me from enjoying ’what was happening’  


Waiting on the big thing to happen is different from waiting on God. 

The first one rushes your life to chaise the wind, the second one stops you to feel the wind. 

Waiting for the big moment to happen, wastes every happening moment. 

Waiting on God is about being present at what’s happening right now, it’s about being immersed together with him and listening to his heart. It’s about letting him open our eyes to the now and abiding together as the vine, being nourished, fed and ready for fruition.  

That’s why we are encouraged to don’t give up as we wait with God and on him. It’s true that at times, it will feel like we are doing nothing, but he is always working in our waiting, we are entwining together and becoming more like him.

He is working in our waiting!

(See Lamentations 3:25, James 5:7-8, James 5:11 )