The Voice

Psalm 29:3-5

When my father used to call my name when I was a child I was able to detect from his first words if he was disappointed with me, disciplining me or delighted with me. His voice was soft and soothing but always with the authority of a sovereign king. I would recognise his voice in the middle of an Albanian wedding crowd, in the dark when he used to chase me and my friends to get home and while he sang with my grandfather and my cousins.

He didn’t have to shout to be heard, his words carried weight and authority to move any mountains of rebellion inside of me. His words rang wisdom and affirmation constantly during my childhood even now with thousands of kilometres apart.
It’s the same with the voice of our God, powerful and majestic as it is, he uses his Word to let us know the sound of his love.

He speaks with his soft small voice and splinters the cedars of our insecurity, guilt shame and sin to ashes. He tenderly draws us to himself and affirms his love and grace for us. He chases us to show his kindness and truth, above all he shouts loud when we are hurting with his never giving up sympathy and compassion and healing words.

( See Luke 15:20, Isaiah 30:18, Jeremiah 31:3, Matthew 9:36)