The Success and Failure Dance

Psalm 30:6, 11-12

Do not let success go inside your head and failure inside your heart.

Your ability to succeed is a gift from God

Do you know that there are people around the world who work the same or harder than you do, but don’t get paid the same?

They have the same schooling, decrees, and qualifications that you have but are not as successful as you are. Our way to succeed was made possible by God giving us the ability to stay with problems ( character), people who helped us on the way up and opportunities created for us.
I am not saying that it was easy, but that our way to success was aided nevertheless.

Your failures also are not a reflection of who you are. Making mistakes is in our nature, and often we live with those consequences, but it is not who we are.

We make mistakes, but we are not a mistake.


Failure can be a great teacher for us that propels us to better ways and wisdom, although I must confess it’s hard to deal and live with it, still, it’s not the end.

Alike success, failure must not be taken so much at heart that it sinks us. Failure and success are both parts of living.

What we do with each of them is very important. Our success is a test to learn humility, and our failure is a test to grow in character.
The way we handle both these events in our lives make us the person we are. David’s method to deal with success and failure was via thanksgiving (Psalm 30:6, 11-12) The thanksgiving dance was David’s style and its a good one to learn.

Looking to God and not himself helped him navigate the seasons of failure and abundance. Because life is about where we look when we face success or failure.

( See Daniel 4:30, Ecclesiastes 3:4, Ecclesiastes 7:14)