Silly Religion

Psalm 31:6 MSG

When I meet people and they ask me if I am religious, my answer is always, no. They are surprised because my conversations and my life show that I am ‘a believer’ but there is a big difference to me between religion and what I believe.

You see, my concept of religion is different from what many people assume. The idea of religion in the world focuses on behaviour restrictions and following laws and obligations, but for me, what I believe, is in a relationship with our creator.  

A relationship with God means that each individual has been given the opportunity to connect and communicate with him through His Word ( the scriptures, Bible), through history and by his Spirit. 

All this all is made possible through the person of Jesus Christ. 

He is the door, the acceptance ’love letter’, the password to a new life. The gospel is the good news about Jesus Christ coming to earth and positioning the human race in a new way of connecting with God and putting an end to religion as we knew it. Through him, we have a relationshi with God.

That’s how I see the difference between: 

Religion vs Relationship 

Religion is Mechanical,  Relationship is Organic 

Religion is about ’what you do’  Relationship is about ’who you are’ 

Religion is about outward appearance, Relationship is about inward transformation. 

Religion is about an organisation, Relationship is an organism (living, connected, moving) 

Religion is a hierarchical structure, Relationship is the practice of equals ( when we meet as abelievers there is no one person more saintly than the other we all are equal before God)

Religion is joining in ’to get and feel loved’ Relationship is sharing life from a place of love.

In Religion, we are the outsiders trying to get inside by our strength, morals and duty. In Relationship, because of Jesus act on the cross, we are living our lives in the light of that truth which positions us automatically inside, we don’t try to be accepted, we live our lives from that acceptance standpoint. 

It’s a Try vs Trust conviction. 


“I hate all this silly religion, but you, GOD, I trust. Psalm 31:6 MSG

(See 1 Timothy 2:5, John 14:6, 2 Corinthians 5:21,Ephesians 2:8-10 )