Get Happy Back

Psalm 33:21


There are a few misconceptions floating often in Christianity related to happiness. 

We either see happiness as ’too worldly’ so we make sure that we control it and try for it to be measured. That’s why many of us have ended with that cheesy smile and expression that freaks people out. 

Or we see happiness as something to be postponed ’when the right moment comes’ which of course is a death delay because there are no perfect moments to laugh and be happy, just laughter and happiness that make that moment perfect. 

I believe happiness in Christian faith is a constant invitation to all of us to participate in enjoying the beauty and the presence of our God. 


The psalmist writes: What’s more, our hearts brim with joy since we’ve taken for our own his holy name. Psalm 33:21 MSG 

The source of our happiness is him, it’s in him! 

It is not in what we do, not in what happens to us, no in what we have, not in what we see as our greatest pride and achievement, but in him. 

Think about it, everything else that we dream might hold the key to our happiness is changeable and perishable, that’s why when we put happiness on those things happiness is short-lived. But our God is unmovable, forever living, eternal joy, unchangeable and love everlasting – when we find our happiness in him we find a source that is constantly thrilling and sustaining us. 

It’s true that God has given us people and places that bring us happiness, food and friends that makes us joyous,  stuff and successes that make us appreciate and enjoy life better. Still, if we want to be happy and maintain a sense of happiness we need to drink at the fountain of happiness-God. 

In him and who we are because of him,  we find a happiness that is neither cheesy nor weird, not conditional or seasonal, but happiness that flows persistently, it is true and it’s ours to enjoy. 

( See Romans 5:1-2, Ecclesiastes 9:7, Philippians 4:4)