When Friendships Hurt

Psalm 35: 1-8, 11-17, 25-26 

Friendships can be the best thing that we treasure in life or a source of drama and trouble. The thing is – we all have issues, we all have insecurities and the way we handle our problems impact our friendships. 

Hurt can push us to be and behave in a way that is regrettable but hurt must be expressed and processed. That’s what our writer in Psalm 35 is doing. He is hurt by people he thought were his friends. 

These people not only that have been unjustly accusing him of stuff he has not done but they are rejoicing in his downfall. They are preparing traps ’nets and holes’ for him to fall and mess up his life. 

He is hurt and disappointed, angry and frustrated, the only consolation he gets is by pouring his outrage to God. 

He says it as it is, and he invites God to be his defender and his name protector. 

Jesus is our best friend.  His love and mercy for us paved the way for us all to practice real friendships. When we are hurt and mistreated, when we are accused without cause, when we are tangled in something we did not intend, we run to him first for justice and strength, for understanding and directions. We open our hearts and pour our feeling ( even when they are full of anger and outrage ) trust me, he is big enough to handle honest feelings. 

Let start this week by being honest about how we feel, really! 

( See John 15:13-15, Ephesians 4:32, Ephesians 4:29-32 )