What steals your joy?

Psalm 37:1-3

Roosevelt said that comparison is the thief of joy, I want to add to that sentence by saying that the wrong comparison is the real thief. 

When we compare ourselves to how far we have come in our journey and see ourselves with the eyes of the goodness and the faithfulness of God in our life, that comparison is good and uplifting. 

But, if we compare ourself with others and what comes from that reflection is disappointment, depression and despair we known that that thinking is going to drag us into a pit of darkness.  

We know from the scripture that what we see in other people’s lives can be deceptive and miscalculated, things are not as they appear very often. We are encouraged to focus on the promises of God and feast on his faithfulness. Because, where we look we steer into. 

The test of our lives is found in time, only time will tell the real story of us. 

( See Proverbs 24:19, Philippians 4:6-9, Hebrew 10:23)