Keep Hope Alive

Psalm 37:7-8

Fishermens’ wives would keep a candle burning in the window, to guide their husbands back from deep-sea fishing trips. 

Believers are hope carriers. 


The world is in a crisis of hope constantly, even more now. 

If we look closely around us (not even observing the western world in general or the earth as a whole ) we will notice the hopelessness spreading. The newspapers and tv are littered with hopeless news and warnings telling us that the rate of suicide is spiking up, poverty is deepening and that crime and violence are constantly on the rise. This decline of ’goodness’ is directly connected with the fall of our interest in God and religion in general. People don’t believe in God, or sin and evil nowadays and what that does to us is that it turns our faith in ourselves( humanity) which sooner or later proves to be unfulfilling confidence and deeply disappointing. 

Most of us, if we really learn to look deep into our own hearts, would know what we really want this world can’t give. 

Jesus Christ came into our world in human flesh, he lived and died ( history record of this) and was raised from the death. Knowing and believing this truth is the only thing that flames our hope. 

He proved that there is ’life’ transient beyond what we see and touch and that within that lies our true satisfaction. 

We that know and have his life, keep burning that ’candle’ so to speak for us and the world to see it. We keep that living hope in front of ourselves and others to behold, so that no matter how dark and scary the sea is, the light of living hope is glowing bright

(See 1 timothy 1:1, John 3:16, 1 Peter1:3