Why do you Give?

Psalm 37:21 MSG

Generosity is the most natural outward expression of an inner life that knows it is deeply loved. 


What we often call generosity nowadays is in fact  ’benefit giving’ meaning we mostly give to get something back in return. 

Whether that is a favour in the future, or public praise, or attention, we give to get. 

But real generosity is giving that which can’t be given back. 

’The righteous give and give’  says David in Psalm 37:21 

The righteous is the person that is made right with God because of the generosity of Jesus Christ. He gave his life freely for us so that we would freely give and live. 

Generosity is not necessarily evident and automatically occurring in people that call themselves Christian, for many of us, fail to see and live Christ in generous ways.

The issue remains that to give with pure motives is hard for all, even for us, that’s why understanding how much has been given to us already via our relationship with Jesus is crucial and a life changer when it comes to living a generous life. 

( See Romans 5:6-8, Luke 6:38, Deuteronomy 15:10, Matthew 6:2-4