When Silence Speaks

“I choose to hear nothing, and I make no reply.”

Psalms 38:14 NLT

When afflicted by troubles we can feel overwhelmed and lost. One strong reason for that is that suffering is complex. Part of the sorrow we experience in life is a direct result of our own choices but many are not. The tendency when we suffer is either to talk too much about it (oversharing) or not talk at all ( bottling our pain).

Mostly, our instinct is to follow the pattern of Adam and Eve and hide from God.  

David here is a great help to us on how to act when in distress.

He is ‘full-on’ sharing with God and totally on mute with people.

Grace and wisdom finds a way to enter and ease our anguish when we turn to God. 


As David lets that grace enter his anguish,  he chooses to mute all other noises especially the noises that are negative and vicious. 

Our Lord Jesus ( Matthew 27:14) exercised silence in the right time too, even before the anguish of the cross he decided to ignore the voices that were accusing or opposing him, for silence at times is more eloquent than any words can be. 

What sounds you need to turn on or mute today? 

( See Lamentations 3:28, Mark 15:3-5, Job 13:5