Empty out

Psalm 38:18


Has anyone ever told you that ’you are full of yourself?’ 

It’s hard not to be full of ourselves. What’s even harder is knowing when we are full, for pride creeps up slowly and unnoticeable in us until it becomes us. 

I have heard that God helps us from being free of ‘ourselves ’ by showing us a  humble way out, but if we ignore his way we are forced to humiliation. 

For pride is far destructive than any earthy humiliation. 

When things are falling apart or sickness has seized our bodies, the best thing to do is ’empty ourselves.’ 

We lay bare our life before God, remember, unlike us, he knows us inside out. We can have a very distorted view of ourselves and think that we are ok, but God shows us as we are. 

He does this not to condemn us, but to fill us with his Holy Spirit. 

Confession, sincere repentance and deeply sorry for our sin is not humiliation, but freedom. 


When we turn to God, he runs towards us, ( see Luke 15:11-32) not adding guilt and blame but giving us forgiveness, embracing us and celebrating our lives. The world and ourselves can be against us, but if God is with us we have the best of all deals. 

Where do you turn when in anguish and full of agonies? 

(See 1 John 1:9, Romans 6:14, Proverbs 28:13)