Say the Good Stuff

Psalm 39:2

Personality tests are very fashionable nowadays, but for me, they are just fun to take and can be helpful to understand people better. Whatever test I take I tend to get the same results … some type of ’challenger.’ 

If you have done any of the tests widley available let me tell you that they are very interesting and reasonably accurate.  

I am type A, Charismatic leader and yes, a challenger. 

According to the tests I belong in the same group with Margaret Thatcher, the current president of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Aretha Franklin, Gandhi etc 

So, you don’t have to meet me to have an idea about my tendencies in speech and actions, for the people above can give you some clues.

My inclination to being with people is to notice the problem, challenge the status quo and lead for a change. Now, this might look good on paper but when dealing with people things can be very tense and hurtful.

I know I have changed a lot, but I am not there yet. 

I still tend to start with the problem, the negative, the deficiency… leave the good for the end and even then being quite stingy with it.

“I was mute and silent [before my enemies], I refrained even from good, And my distress grew worse.”

Psalms39:2 AMP 

I can tell you this that when we refrain to speak the good, the bad fills it’s place. 


You have heard the suggestion that for every negative word we speak we need to speak 7 positive ones to override its effect in our minds. 

We are made to speak the good and restrict the evil talk. 

Unfortunately we do the opposite. 

Our words are life changers, let start today to be the peope who we really are ’the carriers of the Good News’ and allow no malicious word to pollute our mouths. 

What is your tendency when it comes to defining people or projects?

Are you more a good or bad news emphasisiser? 

( See Proverb 18:21, Philippians 4:8, Galatians 5:22, Ephesians 4:29