Do you pray about this?

Psalm 39:8

Being and acting rebellious can be fun. Resisting authorities, control or convention can be invigorating and freeing.  Rebellion is seen as something positive in our today’s culture.

But how do we know that what we are doing is a ’good rebellion?’ 

You see, from scripture and history, we learn that mostly we rebel against God. We despise his authority, fight for independence and resist his governing ways. But from the beginning, Adam and Eve by resisting the Eden order borought fatal consequences to the world. 

Rebellion is the taking of actions without God involvement. 


Our rebellion can sound right and good and helpful and necessary, but unless we are on the same step with God about what we are rebellin against, it will lead to a fruitless endeavour. 

The prayer ’ Rescue me from my rebellion’ from todays‘ devotion should be a daily yearning of us. Knowing ourselves and the fragility and haste of our action should propel us to our knees. 

Rebellion sometimes arises from pain and abuse, even then two wrongs don’t make one right. Let’s act with peace and strength, for some of the best revolution that have brought change into our world have been the peaceful ons. 

( See Deuteronomy 9:24, Titus 2:14, Romans 2:23)