Doing vs Devotion

Psalm 40:6-10 NLT

Christianity, the message of the gospel is not about what we can do to be saved, but living out what is already done for us. 

Salvation is not a ’work-based, points-keeping’ protocol. 

As David says in today’s psalm, traditions, human works and penances practised then and now does not impres God. ( see verse 6 MSG) 

All sacrifices of the innocent animals, all gift bringing and giving, all religious and acting pious was worthless. 

What matters to God is devotion not doing. 


God wants our ears, not our expensive endowment. 

He wants people who would listen to him and surrender and be devoted. People who delight in knowing who he is and what he has done. People that rejoice in the finished work of Calvary and are ready to walk in the newness of life with Jesus through Holy Spirit. 

There is no present, person or position we can offer God that can buy our way to salvation and redemption. Salvation is a free gift offered to us by grace through faith. 

Are you trying to win God’s love through your giving gifts or giving yourself? Why surrender is hard for you? 

( See Acts 16:30-32, Hebrews 10:5-10, Ephesians 2:8-10