Holding me Together

Psalm 41:11-12

Life has changed recently, our home has changed. Our girls started school in Germany this August which is not the country we call home meaning we need to take a long car drive or flight to see them.

The home feels empty and silent, I miss them so much. 

Some days I wake up with this urging desire to pick up the car and drive there and bring them back home. Let us be ‘nomal’ again, I long.

But life goes on and time rushes to its destination, I can’t stop time either can I turn it back. I feel like a balloon filled with water so tight then I am going to burst in a thousand pieces. 

“You know me inside and out, you hold me together,

    you never fail to stand me tall in your presence

    so I can look you in the eye.” 

Psalm 41:12 MSG

Scattered and wearing thin, there is this place that I can always lean on and held in, God’s presence.

He has been holding me together so closely recently, his Word and presence have kept me from braking.

I can’t bear the void some days, but Igo in his presence which never fails to comfort. Help, Lord, I pray! Help …

( See Colossians 1:17, Romans 8:31, Isaiah 41:13)