Will I ever make it?

Psalm 42:2 MSG

There is a deep longing in our hearts for more. Not necessary more stuff, but more Spirit. We want to be and feel alive. We want purpose, fulfilment, meaning.

We want to experience God, the living God. 

“As a deer pants for streams of fresh water, so our souls long to see the smile of God.’ 

Augustine said: “You have made us for yourself, and our hearts are restless, until they can find rest in you.”

You see, we are made into the image of a living God. Life is the making of our DNA. Our God is not a distant nebulous force or energy, but an intimate personal God whose presence we know and long like that of freshwater. 

I don’t believe we can ’make it’ in life if his presence is not experienced.

The ’thirst’ for more in life is an indicator that our deepest desire is unmet. Like water is for the body so it is God’s presence an absolute necessity to our living. 

That is why all those times in life that we thought ’we made it!’ we were left even more empty and dry than before, for what we achieved was not what our hearts really desired.

Thirst is easily misunderstood as hunger, that’s why we keep wanting to ’make it’ in life by trying everything but God. We keep consuming and achieving and arriving at the same desolate place.

The body can live longer without food than without water, water is vital to our bodies so is God’s presence to our living. 

If you feel you long for more in life than what’s offered, if you are in sorrow my friend, perhaps that is a sign of thirst for the real thing that will fully satisfy, God’s presence?

What will you do today to draw near to that fountain? 

( See Acts 17:24-27, Job 22:2, Philippians 4:13