When situations don’t change

Psalm 43

What if, after we have done all the listening to our hearts and speaking to our hearts, nothing changes? 

What to do when we have tried to keep the hope in God but we remain in the same dilemma? 

What God often does is that before he changes the situation he changes our attitude towards that situation, which makes a big difference. You see, we forget God. We forget his goodness, his guidance and his gentleness. We forget his presence and his glory. 

When we are in darkness we think that we are by ourselves and that none is standing with and for us.

God likes to change our attitude before he chages ous circumstatnces, because a changed attitute can face any circumstance.


The understanding and that awakening in us about God is far greater than a change in our situation can bring. For our eyes of understanding are opened to see that the real protector, provider, purpose giver and vindicator which is God. He is the source of all delight and joy. 

(See Habakkuk 3:17-19, John 1:4, Micah 7:8 )