Does God hide?

Psalm 44:24

It often feels like: When the need is great, God seems to hide. 

There is this unpleasant delay that can be baffling during trying times when we don’t understand how a powerful God doesn’t land us a hand. 

But God never hides, he is with us in the storm. 

We might feel like he is not with us and that he is sleeping ( see Matthew 8:23-27) but the truth is very different. 

He knows the right time to calm the storm, the perfect moment to speak the miracle, the best place to display his glory. 

It might be bewildering to us, but it’s not to him. 

God might feel like he is hiding but perhaps he is waiting for us to humble ourselves. 

Sometimes, when my children are doing something silly or dangerous I like to cover my eyes, I cant see them hurting themselves, but my body, mind and heart is standing right next to them, near and dear.

“God waits to be wanted.” This may demand more of us than a historical investigation, doing church, or theological reflections, as great as those things are. But you will come to discover this clarity only through a living relationship with him.

W. Tozer

( See Romans 1:19, Romans 5:6-8, Isaiah 8:17)