Heart on Fire

Psalm 45:1

We were at the wedding of a dear friend in Saint Tropez the other day and our hearts could feel the fire of their shared love for one another.

French weddings are a bit different from the Albanian or British ones and I love how each culture celebrates love.
The groom in the French wedding ceremony enters like the bride, in a majestic procession. All the guest stand up and welcome him as he heads towards the altar where he waits for the bride’s turn.

I was reminded right there how Lord Jesus entered the earth to save his bride and is waiting now for the greatest wedding celebration ever.

He is ready and his heart full of fire awaits for the right time to come and take his bride in his arms. What a day that will be!
The heaven host likes all us guest at the wedding will clap and dance and celebrate the forever union of the Lord.

Dear God, keep that image fresh in my mind.

( See John 14:3, 1 Thessalonians 4:17, Isaiah 25: 6-9