The Bride

Psalm 45:10-15

The true beauty of the bride is seen in the beholding of the groom. 


So long we have had our eyes looking in the wrong places for affirmation and assurance. We have forgotten the groom and are desperate to be acknowledged by the guests, by the street goers, by the world. 

We have seen flows in their eyes and have stepped back to hide in the cave of insecurity. The groom is waiting. He has made his choice, it’s us, the people he redeemed and chose. 

He pursued us and poured the greatest sacrifice to have us in his union. 

Arise, bride, arise. Leave your people and the world behind.

The King is wild for you. Gaze into his eyes and see yourself dressed in gold and righteousness, meekness and truth. Let the joy of salvation radiate your face and the light of his smile your eternal life. 

Arise, bride of the Lord, arise in his strength and beauty. 

( See Revelation 19:7-9, Isaiah 54:5, Hosea 2:16-20)