Stillness in Knowing

Psalm 46:10

Stillness is found in surrender.


All life is a decision between the two. God or evil, light or darkness, death or life
It does not feel that way very often but if we dig deep down we soon understand that all fight and struggle in life come because we aren’t clear on our choices. We want to dance with danger and push boundaries that bring headache and restless nights.

Because of that, noise, turbulence and unrest overshadows our lives.

God on the other side calls us to stillness through submission. A submission that comes as the result of considering his character, reflecting on his goodness, meditating on his love. It’s not a blind leap into the submission, it’s the mindful act of looking up to him as the only one who holds the victory and freedom.

What does stillness be for you? Is surrender hard for you?

( See Habakkuk 2:20, 1 Chronicles 29:11, Job 22:21 )