Don’t Fear the bad Times

Psalm 49:5-6

I haven’t seen more fearful people than the rich. Living in Montecarlo Monaco has surprised me with this discovery. I thought that the rich have nothing to fear for money can solve so many problems and can help people have better choices than them without it. 

But the reality is that money itself creates fear and distrust in people like nothing else in life does.   

Because money holds power, position and influence people who have it are constantly in fear of losing it, being betrayed and even losing their lives because of it. 

There is this constant suspicion that you notice on rich people’s faces when you meet them that tells you that their life is not what you think it is.

Money can buy a lot of stuff, but it can not buy us redemption.


Redemption is our most essential need. There is no amount of money to buy us out of death!  

God,  on the other hand, does just that. He comes and offers us a ’fear not’ kind 0f life, a life where you accumulate stuff that death can’t rob or destroy, and a future to look forward to. 

So, no matter how the financial times or the markets activity may be, no matter the storms and trials we face, in him, we have everything unperishable and worthy.  So, we fear not in bad times. 

( See Genesis 50:21, Deuteronomy 3:22, Matthew 10:31)