The Required Sacrifice

Psalm 50:9-14

As a child, I always thought that to get my parents love and attention I had to show them good grades and impeccable behaviour.
I tied and tried and tried very hard, still that feeling of my ’tries’ not being enough lingered deep within me.

I know now that that was something that I put upon myself because my parents loved me the same whether or not my grades added up, but it is difficult to undo some lies you have believed to be true.

We tend to have the same expectation about God’s acceptance and belonging too. We think that to please him we need to make sacrifices that are costly and painful to us.

In the old testament that involved the killing of different animals and keeping rituals that took time and effort. Presently we think of God approval to depend on our church attendance and tithe giving.

The truth is that God holds and possesses all that we see and do not see. He does not need things, what he is looking for it is a heart that is ready to give thanks and appreciation for who God is.
What God looks for is a posture of thanksgiving and praise.

It’s a heart that trusts and not tries.


(See 1 Thessalonians 5:18, Job 1:21, Hebrews 13:15)