Don’t beat yourself up, turn around.

Psalm 51:1-11

Repentance is recognising that the wrong we have done is something directed to God first and then to other or ourselves second.

True, the consequences of our wrongdoing will affect others and make our lives complicated and hard, but our sin affects him like no other.

When we don’t understand this we tend to beat ourselves up and encircle ourselves into a guilt trip that does not change us from the inside out.

You see, we beat ourselves up because we think we have failed us. We think about our reputation, the implication that that will have in our life and the pain we must endure.

But repentance is to see the real nature of sin which lays underneath all the wrong we do, it’s what motivates us to say ’God I want to be in charge of my life.’ 

Feeling sorry for ourselves and others will not change us and our situations in life. Repentance on the other way is to see that running away from God will leave us empty and homeless, in worry and anxious, dry and lost. It’s the turning away from all that and embracing God and his goodness.

What is even more mindblowing is that when we repent we will see the father God running towards us and embracing us, that’s what changes us. The love of God changes us. 

Guild makes us afraid, repentance frees us. 


( See Acts 3:19, Isaiah 44:22, Daniel 9:9)