Worth remembering

Psalm 51:12

Life has a way of eroding joy from us. It’s the first thing that we sacrifice to any unexpected events, is it not?

A missed call and worry occupies our faces, a red-letter bill and fear encircle our hearts, a call from the school and panic clenches our bodies. We live constantly on a ’jump and dread’ kind of mode.

We need to ponder on something that overpasses the worry and fear and panic and keeps our feet planted on solid confidence. 

Salvation is something we must remember and ponder and think about daily. It is real Redemption, Rescue and Rejuvenation news. It brings joy and happiness and hope and help to us.

If we have lost the joy of salvation then life is but a dull race. Sin can make us lose that joy, focusing on problems and people can make us forget the thrill of being saved. Looking to ourselves can be the reason why we have lost touch with the one that redeems our soul daily.

Worry is a decision, fear is a decision, upset and offence are all decision, so it’s joy. 


Choose joy daily, the joy of salvation is real.  

(See Jude 1:24, Romans 5:2-11, Romans 8:15)