Rebuild us, O Lord

Psalm 51:18-24

Sin is like leaven which permeates not just the person who engages in it but spreads throughout the community.

Alike leaven, if sin if left unresolved for a long time will turn the person and community in something distasteful and acidic. 

King David’s adultery and murder did not weight on him as a personal mistake only, what he did affected the balance in the community he lived and lead too. 

You know when we say ’this is my decision and mine only’ that might be true but we are communal beings and nothing we do remains just ours to deal with. Consciously or unconsciously our choices affect the people we do life with. 

Community is like a strong building where every little and big stone plays a crucial role. When we decide to ’have it our way’ we remove ourselves from the building and leave a hole there which makes the position of the whole building vulnerable. 

That’s why when we repent for our sins and askfor the  restoration of our lives we should pray and intercede for the restoration of our community also. 

We ask God to build our life as he builds and strengthens our community also. 

(See Jeremiah 29:11, 1 John 3:4, Galatians 6:1)