Sure Restoration

Psalm 53:6

These days we think relief is restoration, but they are so so different. 

With relief, we are trying to repair our tattered souls by checking out, by running away or by excepting the instant invitation to taste or experience pleasure do the trick. This can come by food, drink, drugs, sex or bingeing- Netflix series. In restoration, God is inviting us to enter his rest. This does not necessarily involve screens, fridges and bottles, but rather something less synthetic and more organic for the soul  

Gazing at the sunset, admiring the sea, mountains and rivers. Going for a walk, swim or bike ride.

Watching the birds sing and the cricket chirp, it’s about letting God to dazzle you and me with his nature and his presenc.

We normally take a bath or have a massage when our bodies are weary, God uses nature to restore our souls.  Go out and enjoy and laugh, restoration is a sure thing to God. 

( See Jeremiah 30:18, Amos 9:14, 1 Peter 5:10 )