Upholding my Life

Psalm 54: 4

Who is in the camp of your defenders? Who do you call for help when you have received bad news? Who do you think to notify when loss knocks on your door? Who are the people that uphold your life? 

Oftentimes we can’t see God answering our prayers or being close to us but the Lord is with the people that minister to us and help us and encourage us. They are the people that gather and expose their lives so that ours will be supported.

God is the one that upholds our lives, he is the one that gives us life, but mostly he does that through people. God sustains people and God uses people to strengthen and defend us. He is the chief helper and by his grace and mercy, he gathers, equips and walks with us as we help and nourish others. 

Who upholds your life when life seems to fall apart and whose life-upholder are you? 

( See Romans 8:31, Jeremiah 1:19, John 10:28-30