Rolling Fear Away

Psalm 54:4

We can’t speak and listen at the same time.

To do one, we have to halt the other. It’s the same with fear and trust, we can’t support both at the same time. To give in to fear it means to lose trust and to focus on trusting we will need to tune out fear.
Now don’t get me wrong, we can trust and still feel fear, that’s ok, as long as the trust has our attention and not fear. This is possible you know?

It’s possible to be in fear and fear not to have all your attention and heart. We don’t wait until fear as ceased to do the right thing.
We do the right thing until fear ceases to be.
Worship and the Word are the right things to do when in fear. Through praise and meditation on the Word, we remind ourselves of the goodness and the faithfulness of God and we keep on rolling the word of God into our minds and hearts until fear is rolled away.
Some days we need to be persistent on this and some other less so, but what we focus on that will fill our hearts.

If we focus on him, fear might come to shake us, but never uproot us.

“In God – I boast in his promise – in God I trust, I am not afraid. What can mere men do to me?”

Psalms‬ ‭56:4‬ ‭NET‬‬

( See Romans 8:31, Exodus 14:13, Isaiah 40:29 )