Tear -Catcher

Psalm 56:8

An old proverb says that: No one else can really know how sad or happy you are (Proverb 14:10 CEV) but I believe God can.

He knows the depth of our despair and delight. A lot of time what people see in us, what we allow them to peek into is but a puddle compared to the ocean we are carrying inside us.

On the other hand, God sees our pain leaking out tear by tear and takes notice. For some sorrows are too deep to share, some agonies are too vast to put into the open, but not for God. He knows our tears and he helps our troubled hearts. Whether our heads are on a pillow or a stone, God is with us.
There are no tears that are neglected, there is no pain that has been ignored, there are no sorrows that are forgotten. All noticed, cared for, worked for our best, treasured in his sight. You are his pride and joy my friend, the apple of his eye. His gaze is upon you, always.

(See 2 Kings 20:5, Revelation 7:17, Isaiah 25:8 )