What do you know?

Psalm 56:9

I am not asking here what do you notice, but more about what do you know.
Notice and knowing are two different things.
To notice Justin Biber in the crowd for example and know him tell two different tales.
To notice is impersonal, to know is personal.
To know someone personally means that there is this active life sharing going on. Not just information exchange, but intimacy.

Knowing about God and knowing God are also two different things.

There is so many of us who call ourselves believers that know a lot about God, but only a slim proportion of us know God and walk intimately with him.
GOD has judged us worthy to be his friends, he send his son to bridge the big chasm between us to make that possible. Therefore, to trust himmeans to know him, not know about him, but know him.

He has come to us in vulnerability and openness, can we?
When we receive him like that when we know him like that we would be able to stand strong in the face of any enemy. Knowing God means knowing he will never leave our side, never.

Do you know that, really know it?

( See 2 Kings 8:56, Isaiah 8:10, Matthew 1:23 )