People will​ Come

Psalm 65:2

The goodness of God draws people together. Observe any celebration of life, like the bounty of the harvest, weddings and birthdays, Christmas they all bring people together.

Answered prayers bring us together. The joy that we share when God answers his people when he forgives and pours blessings upon us are always a communal celebration.

That’s why ’love one another’ is the new commandment that Jesus passed to his disciples, to us. It’s this idea of people sharing everyday life together.

Sharing the good and the bad, the joys and sorrow, the celebration and the griefs of life.

The gospel is an extraordinary, free and good gift and a celebration of freedom from sin and sorrows that God offers in his house to all.

We are the servers to people that have not tasted the goodness of his home. Let’s invite people to share the goodness of God’s house. People will come!

( See Colossians 3:13, James 5:16, Matthew 18:20)

The Unresolved Crimes

Psalm 64:6

Have you ever seen those ’real-life-programs’ about unresolved crimes and murders? Injustice and insults that have happened decades ago, still unresolved by the justice department. No one has seen or confessed to have witnessed the person who committed the crime.

There is this mystery surrounding some cases as though the person who did it was a ghost.

Many vices are happening right now and none sees them.

The perpetrators think that ’nobody will see or bring them to justice, ’ a lot of them perhaps never will be found. But not to God.

God always sees and judges sin and malice.

Nothing escapes him, no one. People can escape prison, punishment and justice, but they will never flee from God. God, the all-knowing and all-seeing, is a God of righteousness and truth. Before his throne, all our acts, thoughts and feelings will lay bare. Good, faithful as he is, will judge rightly.

Jesus came so that our sins will be forgiven and that we would live righteous lives. Jesus is the light nd there will be no darkness hiding from him.

God’s love reached us today, right now through Jesus Christ, God justice will be the same, through Jesus Christ.

( See Isaiah 30:18, Romans 12:19, Amos 5:24)

A Whine and a Whimper

Psalm 64:1

These days, we tend to categorise people in those who are emotional and strong and stable ones.

If someone is pro to easy tears and sadness we tend to avoid them. Most of us do not know how to address emotions, we don’t know how to handle tears.
Some cultures are far from all the ’emotional’ side of life.
In those cultures, the serious face and stern posture are expected as normality.
I remember one time I was very upset about a relationship that mattered a lot to my husband and me which was dismantling and both sides were not finding ways to resolve. I was emotional and visually upset with the situation, but that was seen as ’mushy, weak and drama’ from the other side.

Emotions are a great indicator that something in our intellect, body and heart is troubling us. Our whines and whimpers might be ignored by men, but they are never dismissed by God.

Let me tell you something: You are safe to be emotional with God.

He is forever patient and sensitive to see our needs.

(See 1 Thessalonians 5:18, Hebrews 4:15-16, Ephesians 3:12)

Glory Days

Psalm 63:11

When God is our God and when we earnestly seek him, glory is what we get.

It’s the honour of sharing his presence and the weight of his splendour. It’s the joy of a life living fully rooted in him. If you look at the story of Jesus you never see him in panic or crisis. He is peaceful, radiates with joy and always in his Father’s will. We behold with the glory of God, how?

By looking at ourselves? By looking at our problems? By comparing ourselves with others? No

Glory days are the days when we are aware of God’s grace, love and mercy through Jesus Christ and take that in and out of our being.

Let us marvel at the fact that you and I, once sinners and lost now, because of the cross are kings and priest, royal blood runs through our veins.
Although hard, let us accept that and stand in awe of God, rejoice in the fact that you and I are fully free, forever forgiven, then go on and share that glory with all.

( See John 17:22, 1 Corinthians 10:31, Isaiah 6:3)

Right Beside Me

Psalm 63:8

This idea that we hold unto God but mostly that God upholds us is bewildering to me. The God of the universe is in partnership with us, fragile humans. The right hand of God upholding us talks about the hand of skill and strength.
I find that interesting, skill – because we still need to work and be good stewards even though God is our partner. We need to learn how to listen and trust God and people and ourselves. We are forever students with God at our right side.

Strength, because as long as we are on this earth the assaults of the enemy of our souls will continue. We need encouragement, strategy to face our fears and courage to stand our grounds.

God on our right side helps us with that and much more.

What skill and strength you need right now? God is right beside you.

( See Ephesians 3:11-12, Hebrews 4:16, Romans 5:2 )

A Longing for Home

Psalm 63:1

First impressions leave a long-lasting impact.

Good impacts swell us into this home closeness sentiment that gives us a sense of belonging. When we meet him this sense of homelessness disappears. Think about
The first thought that comes in your mind as you wake up.
The first boy that tells you ’ I love you.’
The first friend that shows you kindness.
The first sensation of a live concert…. those influences end up shaping our thinking and eventually our lives.

Created for eternity, our souls can’t settle for a different home until we find that. God is our home, he is eternal and everlasting. Everything else is salty water to a lost sailor. Nothing can quench the longing for home like God does.

Are you thirsty? Are you homeless in the desert? First and foremost, earnestly seek God. He will satisfy every need and fill out every void.

(See John 4:13-14, Isaiah 55:1, Ecclesiastes 3:11 )

Hope in Stolen Goods

Psalm 62:10

Do not fix your love upon your money- bags.

You see, we fill those sacks with more shiny things than gold and coins.
We heap upon ourselves assurance from all over the place.
We think being rich will put us in a higher untouchable place.
Being friends with ’cool and influential ’ people will give us a strong position in the future.

We dream that success, a great career and accomplishment will guarantee our lives.
In reality, although many of those things are good and helpful, if we have set our hearts on them as our ultimate security, we are heading for a surprising fall.

There is no person, low or high that can warrant your life, they might be willing and their motives might be good, but their help is like vapour.

The resources many of us brag about are but as good as ’stolen goods’

They are here today gone tomorrow, but to God belongs power and mercy.

Man neither helps us nor rewards us; God will do both.


( See Luke 12:15, 1 Timothy 6:17, Jeremiah 49:4)

Pour Your Heart Out

Psalm 62:8

In God, what is good for us is good for all people.

That’s why we share the gospel, the living hope God offers and his unconditional love.
We tell people that he is our rock, our strength and our meaning.
GOD is mighty and yet merciful. His open invitation to all is ’come, come.’
Come as you are, with all your troubles, with all your worries, with all the sins and sorrows, come.
Pour out your heart to your maker.

Pour it out as water. Not as milk, whose colour remains. Not as wine, whose savour remains. Not as honey, whose taste remains. But as water, of which, when it is poured out, nothing remains.

(Le Blanc, cited in Spurgeon)

Don’t worry, your heart is welcomed and safe with him.
Lets Come today!

(See John 6:37, Isaiah 1:18, Revelation 22:7)


Psalm 62:1-2, 4-6 NIV 

Until the soul is shut up to God alone we will forever be overruled by everything else.

From the tone in the psalm, it’s not hard to see that David is speaking from a place of distress. Still, he never asks God for help, he does not pray for aide, he asks for nothing here.
He seems to have come to the understanding that for some of us it takes a lifetime to realize, that if he has God, he has everything.

This word translated here as ’truly, only, alone’ is used five times in this psalm. It’s a strong emphasis on David’s earnestness to God. It’s a word to underline and declare ever so often, and especially in those days when we are tempted to run after people or things for strength, stability and our salvation. David knows that nothing, absolutely nothing can be the all-sufficient one, Only God. Truly him alone.

Is God your alone rock and refuge?

( See 1 Chronicles 16:25, Philippians 2:9-11, Exodus 20:3)

Under His Wings

Psalm 61:4

There are many stories told by firefighters that after they have extinguished a fire they are surprised to find live chicks underneath the wings and scorched body of their mother.

The ultimate sacrifice of the mama bird is powerful and telling.

God has been compared many times in the Bible as caring, nurturing, fierce and protective mother. Jesus stretched his arms as wide as the universe and cover every human being with his love. ”Under me, you are saved, protected, loved and safe- he cried.”

We run to him, not only for salvation, although that in itself is crucial and vital to our living, we run also when we feel vulnerable, weak, helpless, threaten. We run to him for consolation and for mothering love comfort.

( See Hosea 11:3-4, Isaiah 49:15, Matthew 23:37)