Anger Management


Swear but don’t use cussing words. I know that for us Christians people have this notion of ’niceness’ attached to us, but let me be honest about something.

We are soft, but not stony.


We have feelings and we hurt like anyone else. We bleed blood and not iron from our veins. We get indignant at injustice, hurt by heartbreak, bitter by betrayal. We have minds that baffle, hearts that ache, and bodies that get sick. And when this happens, we must express our anguish. Yes, we must be raw yet not rude. I know that we tend to go one of the extremes.

Ether we keep it all in and then explode in the most unexpected moment. Or we become the ’angry’ Christian person that argues and complain about everything.

David encourages us today to go to God first and pour out the bitterness that rests heavily on us before him. Be open, be sincere and empty before him, trust me, he can handle our anger and frustration.
When we go to him first we can still be open and sincere with men, but our mouths will express anger yet not awful words. Our hearts will word pain, but not wickedness. Our tongues will pronounce disappointment, but not dirty words. We will be soft, yet strong people at the same time.

We can govern our emotions and pain only after we have been laid them open and bare before our God first. He alone can walk us through the recovery and restoration road.

( See Ephesians 4:16, James 1:20, Matthew 5:22)