When all falls apart

Psalm 60:1-2

Defeat is not something we humans are immune to. No defeat coming from wars are happening in the western world right now, but defeat comes in different size baskets to each of us.

A job loss, a marriage vaw broken, sickness, backstabbing and setbacks are something we can identify with.

Worse than any defeat is the sense of separation from God.

Disappointment and distance are good brothers, but not in the kingdom business. When we feel crushed and defeat feels closer than ever, God promises to be even closer. Indeed, we might not feel him closer, the opposite might be more real, but the truth prevails:

God is closer to the brokenhearted, he drank the cup of bitterness so that we will taste his goodness daily, yes, even in life’s defeats.

( See Acts 17:27, Numbers 23:19, Hebrews 6:18)