Hard Tasks

Psalm 60:11-12

Prayer is the most deadly weapon we hold! When we pray all heavens forces and troops are unleashed in our disposal. Our God is a mighty warrior! ’The God of heavens armies’ as Eugene Peterson translates in the Message Bible.   When we call unto him, help is on the way. 

Through prayer, we are convicted of sin, we are encouraged to stand up and be courageous. Prayer softens harden hearts and turns impossible situations around. Through prayer, we hear the heart of God and are made known his promises and plans to us. 

I do not know why, realizing that we possess such a powerful tool, we so often use it as our last resort.

Every task is a hard task without prayer.


Call unto God all the time, for all the time he responds. 

( See Jeremiah 29:12, Ephesians 6:18, Matthew 26:41)