Pour Your Heart Out

Psalm 62:8

In God, what is good for us is good for all people.

That’s why we share the gospel, the living hope God offers and his unconditional love.
We tell people that he is our rock, our strength and our meaning.
GOD is mighty and yet merciful. His open invitation to all is ’come, come.’
Come as you are, with all your troubles, with all your worries, with all the sins and sorrows, come.
Pour out your heart to your maker.

Pour it out as water. Not as milk, whose colour remains. Not as wine, whose savour remains. Not as honey, whose taste remains. But as water, of which, when it is poured out, nothing remains.

(Le Blanc, cited in Spurgeon)

Don’t worry, your heart is welcomed and safe with him.
Lets Come today!

(See John 6:37, Isaiah 1:18, Revelation 22:7)